• Behind the Digital Projection of Livermore 13

    Today, James Mickle and I got an exclusive tour behind the scenes of the Livermore Digital Theater. The system they have running is *very* impressive. The process for Digital movies is pretty interesting. The movie can be shipped in on a hard drive, or, they download the movie off a secure server into their internal server. (2 hours average time) The movie then goes into a mini timeline application, where they add the DLP Logo, the Christie Logo, and the current order of Trailers. This is infinitely customizable, and infinitely cool. After the order of things are in place, they can add markers in the timeline for when the lights should fade down and up. (Currently after the trailers finish and when the movie credits roll). After that, the movie is transferred via USB2 drive to one of the Projector stations, ready to be played. (They want firewire 800 drives… hopefully soon). Each DLP Projector System has 3 hard drive sets. In case a drive crashes, the movie will continue playing. The show must go on!

    -Operating System: Linux
    -Average Movie Data Size: 200-300GB
    -Codec: MJPEG (Motion JPEG)
    -Resolution: 1998 X 1080 or 2048 X 858 (depends on the movie)
    -Color Count: 35 Trillion
    -Sound: 6.1 Surround
    -Occasional 35mm screenings
    -Plus the coolest ethernet network you’ll ever see.


  • Starbucks gets drive-through upgrade (to go)

    Today when Tony and I were going to lunch, we noticed that our local starbucks had gotten an upgrade of sorts. Someone had driven a car through the front of the store!


  • Macworld 07 on Mac TV!

    I am very excited to announce that my Macworld 2007 Overview movie is available at Mac TV! Check it out right here!

  • New Theater

    We went to the new livermore theater tonight! We saw Apacalypto. The picture quality is VERY VERY good! I am very impressed. They are projecting at 2K and 35 trillion colors. The blacks are almost solid black, just a little more contrast and they would be there! I did not see pixels! Yay! Below is the only clear picture that came out from my cell phone. My dad and sister are waiting for the movie to start.

    Livermore 13’s Pricing is $9.50 after 6pm, and $7 before 6pm. Regal is $10.50 at night, I do not know regal’s daytime prices.

  • Random Edit Stuff

    A few odds and ends I have had laying around for a while. For the DP’s and Editors out there:

    Free Backfocus Chart from DSC Labs
    Free DataRate Chart from Creative Cow
    Free PA Handbook for film newbies from Plocktau
    Free Photographers Rights
    Free Digital Cinema Spec Sheet
    And finally, the coolest demo of Magic Bullet and Redrock Micro by Motivity Pictures. Here

  • CA Indie Fest 06 a Success!

    Together with ReelSmarts, I was able to attend the California Independent Film Festival. In addition to showing 3 films there that I helped work on, I was featured in The Independent.

    -View The Movies that were in the festival
    -View The Independent article: Page 1 | Page 2
    -View My Pictures from the festival

  • James Predicts the Future

    1:00:51 AM James Mickle: What also looks to be coming soon is LINUX to the mainstream
    1:01:03 AM Nathan Trebes: hopefully
    1:01:25 AM James Mickle: and Windows becomes little more than a flashy OS used by certain major corporations and the occasional laptop that was bought with it already installed
    1:01:41 AM James Mickle: and Macs become the norm, instead of windows.
    1:01:57 AM James Mickle: Yes
    1:01:58 AM Nathan Trebes: wow
    1:01:59 AM James Mickle: I admitted it
    1:02:03 AM Nathan Trebes: never thought id hear you say that one (more…)

  • Dark Destinies at Apple

    Apple is now hosting Dark Destinies on their site. Hecka cool! I have added it to the collection of mirrors you can get Dark Destnies from.

  • Nathan Blogged

    Scott Simmons over at The Edit Blog thought My Screen Capture from Surface was cool, so he posted it. Neat! Apparently whoever created surface mashed together the Capture window from several editing applications.

  • Portable Swim Party and The Power Of James

    Tomorrow, my sister Natalie is leaving for USC. Today, Natalie and Lauren put a tarp in the back of Natalie’s truck and filled the back of the truck with water. They then proceeded to drive to a friends house (losing most of the water on the way) to have a truck bed pool party. My sister demanded that I come and film it. Check out the movie HERE.

    After dinner, Natalie had a bunch of friends over. James was unable to make it, but communicated through me what then became a hilarious form of communication. James would say a statement or question, I would repeat it to the crowd, and they would answer back to the camera. The video would then be sent to James online. This is part of the conversation:

    James: ” Tell Natalie that I say bye whenever you get a chance.”

    Response: Here

    James: “Ok, time for the video sequel, directed to the last girl on the vid
    “James wants to know if he can have your phone number or screen name.””

    Her Response: Here

    Also, Robin sends along her own message.