The Awakened now on iTunes!

The Awakened, the movie I worked on at The Lionfish Group / Filmworks is now finished, and on iTunes! Here’s the official synopsis from the studio:

On the outskirts of a small mountain town, retired farmer Hank Taylor decides to pull down an old dead tree that sits on the edge of his property. Hank soon discovers something strange buried in the ground beneath…something large, metallic and not of this earth.

You can also check out the trailer, or buy it on Amazon, or add it to your Netflix Que. They also have a Facebook page. Here’s my IMDB Credit. Enjoy!






More Projects!

A bunch more projects have been gradually posted online. Here they all are in one handy place!

Recent Projects!

First blog post for 2010! Time for an update on some of the projects I have been up to! You can check them out at the links below!

Additionally, my Demo Reel has been updated.