Clients & Awards

Clients: Some of the clients I have worked for, spanning various styles and budgets. Steve Wozniak San Francisco City Hall XYZ Graphics Tony Robbins Chet Holmes Ratermann Manufacturing Deacon Dave’s, Livermore Tri-Valley Haven American Heart Association Topline Training Sns Synoptic Productions Michael Gerber Chris Roberts Heart at Work Productions Meredith Films Broadway Studios For more, … Continue reading “Clients & Awards”

Ballin off The Wall

Author(s) or Studio(s) Bazialini Music Group Length in Minutes 7:51 Published Online 2008-07-25 16:05:07 Ballin off The Wall by Bazialini Music Group. Shot and Edited by: Joe Padilla, Nathan Trebes, John Meredith, Patrick Firpo, and Hazzard Motorsports, run by Gary Eng.


Author(s) or Studio(s) John Meredith Length in Minutes 12:45 Published Online 2008-04-21 15:31:52 Two women take extreme measures when running their cafe. This movie stars: Anna Novikov, Jack Stahl, Inna Ilexandrova, and Don Meredith.


Author(s) or Studio(s) John Meredith Length in Minutes 3:30 Published Online 2007-11-07 15:14:24 A new movie from John Meredith. Shot and Edited by Nathan Trebes. Special Thanks Jack Meredith Julie Meredith Darin Madden Colleen Madden Jessica Hallum Amanda Rodgers Bradford R. Youngs


Nathan Trebes is an Editor who specializes in a wide range of High Definition Post Production workflows and Web Design. Trebes’ editing credits include seminars with Michael Gerber, Tony Robbins, Chet Holmes, and the Co Founder of Apple, Steve Wozniak. Trebes has edited numerous short films that have been screened in film festivals across the … Continue reading “Resume”