Portable Swim Party and The Power Of James

Tomorrow, my sister Natalie is leaving for USC. Today, Natalie and Lauren put a tarp in the back of Natalie’s truck and filled the back of the truck with water. They then proceeded to drive to a friends house (losing most of the water on the way) to have a truck bed pool party. My … Continue reading “Portable Swim Party and The Power Of James”

Jimmy Eat World: Kill

Author(s) or Studio(s) Natalie Trebes and Lauren Kubiak Length in Minutes 3:50 Published Online 2006-07-16 17:56:02 Natalie Trebes and Lauren Kubiak bring you this unique Picture Movie timed out to the music from Jimmy Eat World. Stars Natalie Trebes, Lauren Kubiak, and Chance Girling.

Not everyone on AIM is smart :)

(11:51) Karina: oh, man, I think I’m going to wet my pants laughing (11:52) Nathan: ? (11:52) Nathan: livermoronfilms isnt THAT funny (11:53) Karina: no… Karina let me know of a conversation she had with a complete moron and stranger on AIM. The following entry from her xanga is quite funny :-p Enjoy! Sunday, November … Continue reading “Not everyone on AIM is smart :)”

Library Tour

(05:07) Karina: *is in heaven* (05:07) Karina: I just got a tour of the new library… (05:07) Nathan: you eating chocolate? (05:07) Nathan: did it have chocolate? (05:07) Nathan: was it made of chocolate? (05:07) Karina: yes, but I didn’t get any (05:07) Karina: hahahahahahahahahaha (05:07) Nathan: lol (05:07) Nathan: what (05:07) Karina: we weren’t … Continue reading “Library Tour”