Macworld 2011

Author(s) or Studio(s) Metahelion Digital Length in Minutes 05:19 Published Online 2011-02-14 14:41:06 Another year, another Macworld Expo! This year Nathan Trebes, Matthew Trevett, Ketrina Yim, Gin Kris, Sinclair Yim, and Jered Taylor explore the crazy world of all things Mac! Shot by Nathan Trebes and Matthew Trevett. Edited by Nathan Trebes.

Not everyone on AIM is smart :)

(11:51) Karina: oh, man, I think I’m going to wet my pants laughing (11:52) Nathan: ? (11:52) Nathan: livermoronfilms isnt THAT funny (11:53) Karina: no… Karina let me know of a conversation she had with a complete moron and stranger on AIM. The following entry from her xanga is quite funny :-p Enjoy! Sunday, November … Continue reading “Not everyone on AIM is smart :)”


(10:45) Nathan: THE MONKEYS SURROUND US (10:45) Kyle: what (10:45) Nathan: now thats a boring answer (10:45) Kyle: I saw the grudge (10:45) Nathan: cool (10:44) Nathan: THE MONKEYS SURROUND US (10:44) Stef: that’s noce (10:44) Stef: nice (10:44) Stef: calculus is bothering me right now (10:44) Nathan: lol im getting so many interesting answers … Continue reading “THE MONKEYS SURROUND US”