Las Positas Dance: A Tribute to Dance

Author(s) or Studio(s) Metahelion Digital Length in Minutes 1:17:00 Published Online 2015-1-20 17:35:02 Faculty Director: Faith Blevins Technical Director: Mike Rinaldi Shot by: Nathan Trebes Michael Banks Edited by Nathan Trebes Dancers: Ashley Maciel Brandy Bellew Chelsea Aven Daniel Gray Debbanie Nieves-Reed Dominique Keene Hayleigh Rose Illora Shields Ivan Diaz Jessica Biggs Julia Pereira Kayla … Continue reading “Las Positas Dance: A Tribute to Dance”

Rumble in the Roses

Author(s) or Studio(s) Nathan Trebes Length in Minutes 1 Published Online 2009-07-05 15:02:59 Artists: Sally Ahn, Jon Araquistain, Audris Chiang, Lita Cho, Kyle Conroy, Daniel Resnick, Daniel Ritchie, Evan Rosky, Kathryn Skorpil, Siyu Song, Ketrina Yim, and Terrence Zhao Music by: Nick Reis

Crazy Lan

Author(s) or Studio(s) Nathan Trebes Length in Minutes 5 Published Online 2006-07-07 15:02:59 A crazy Lan Party with Caitlin Howell, Daniel Howell, Natalie Trebes, Sinclair Yim, Ketrina Yim, Nicolas Trebes, and Kyle Strand.

Matrix: Downloaded Bloopers

Author(s) or Studio(s) Livermoron Films Length in Minutes 2 Published Online 2006-03-22 10:51:11 Watch as Ricky Gutteridge and Daniel Linhart work to bring Matrix: Downloaded to life. This movie features the major bloopers we had during production.

ROP: Whenever, Wherever

Author(s) or Studio(s) ROP Length in Minutes 3 Published Online 2006-03-21 15:33:56 Daniel and Anothony are just looking for trouble in this ROP Classic. Features the ROP Girls, and Ricky Gutteridge trying to out dance everyone. Produced by Michelle Loupe. Aired on the ROP (Regional Occupational Program) show.

Pudding Combat

Author(s) or Studio(s) Daniel Howell Length in Minutes 6 Published Online 2006-03-20 12:29:41 Two people battle it out for pudding. This movie was edited by Daniel Howell, it stars Mitchell Burk, Daniel Howell, and Caitlin Howell. Produced by Daniel Howell. Nathan Trebes filmed.

Matrix: Downloaded

Author(s) or Studio(s) Livermoron Films, Audvia Productions Length in Minutes 5 Published Online 2006-03-16 10:51:49 You are the Two. Download The Matrix: Downloaded right here. Cast: Ricky Gutteridge, and Daniel Linhart. Produced by Nathan Trebes and Ricky Gutteridge.