Ticket Takers 2

Author(s) or Studio(s) Academy Art Length in Minutes 8 Published Online 2006-03-16 13:40:43 The Final Version of Ticket Takers that was turned in to Academy Art. Ticket Takers is a Documentary about the people who take your ticket at a Livermore High Game. This movie stars Carol Trebes, Chris Ungerman, and Peggy. This movie was … Continue reading “Ticket Takers 2”

Ticket Takers 1

Author(s) or Studio(s) Livermoron Films Length in Minutes 3 Published Online 2006-03-16 13:36:29 This is the first version of Ticket Takers. The 2nd was sent into Academy Art. This version was for Nathan Trebes to test out the concept and to have fun at LHS. It has in it Carol Trebes, Chris Ungerman, Sam Ringhand, … Continue reading “Ticket Takers 1”