Karina and Giorgio: Wedding Playlist

Author(s) or Studio(s) Metahelion Digital Length in Minutes 21 Published Online 2010-08-23 17:35:02 Karina Summers gets married! Shot by: Nathan Trebes, and Matthew Trevett. Edited by Nathan Trebes.

More Projects!

A bunch more projects have been gradually posted online. Here they all are in one handy place! Video: –HD Camera Test –Allen Larson Acting Seminar –4th of July, 2010 –Karina’s Wedding –Six Flags LA –Homes in Ruby Hill –iPhone 4 Test Video: Tacos –ComBots 2010 Highlights –TMUG at Apple Wondercon Video: –Inception –The Losers –Nightmare … Continue reading “More Projects!”

4th of July, 2006

Author(s) or Studio(s) Nathan Trebes Length in Minutes 4 Published Online 2006-07-07 15:02:59 Join Nathan Trebes, Natalie Trebes, Jim Trebes, Carol Trebes, Steve McGrogan, Peter McGrogan, Jean McGrogan, Mark Lockyer, Ketrina Yim, Sinclair Yim, James Mickle, Karina L Summers, Heather Figuers and Kyle Depasquale for the 2006 Lan Party and Fireworks. Intro by Matthew Mullins.

Matrix Uploaded [Incomplete]

Author(s) or Studio(s) Livermoron Films, Giant Leap Films Length in Minutes 3 Published Online 2006-03-23 08:07:22 The incomplete sequel to Matrix Downloaded is…Matrix Uploaded. Cast: Ricky Gutteridge, Karina L. Summers, Nathan Seifert, John Rogers, Phil Grasso.

Crazy Day at LHS

Author(s) or Studio(s) Livermoron Films Length in Minutes 3 Published Online 2006-03-16 13:04:19 Nathan somehow got put in a room with Caitlin Howell, Sam Ringhand, and Theresa Sweet. Features Sam and her Pepsi commercial. Plus many people wondering in and out, including Karina Summers. Watch the chaos unfold in.. Crazy Day At Livermore High School.

Not everyone on AIM is smart :)

(11:51) Karina: oh, man, I think I’m going to wet my pants laughing (11:52) Nathan: ? (11:52) Nathan: livermoronfilms isnt THAT funny (11:53) Karina: no… Karina let me know of a conversation she had with a complete moron and stranger on AIM. The following entry from her xanga is quite funny :-p Enjoy! Sunday, November … Continue reading “Not everyone on AIM is smart :)”


(10:45) Nathan: THE MONKEYS SURROUND US (10:45) Kyle: what (10:45) Nathan: now thats a boring answer (10:45) Kyle: I saw the grudge (10:45) Nathan: cool (10:44) Nathan: THE MONKEYS SURROUND US (10:44) Stef: that’s noce (10:44) Stef: nice (10:44) Stef: calculus is bothering me right now (10:44) Nathan: lol im getting so many interesting answers … Continue reading “THE MONKEYS SURROUND US”


Karina (12:25:42 AM): there, I finished watching the best parts Nathan (12:25:47 AM): ah Karina (12:26:07 AM): I’m going to force you to watch it sometime Karina (12:26:10 AM): you do know that, right? Karina (12:26:11 AM): lol Nathan (12:26:12 AM): lol Nathan (12:26:15 AM): alright Nathan (12:26:20 AM): someday somehow someway Nathan (12:26:22 AM): … Continue reading “Job”