Behind the Digital Projection of Livermore 13

Nathan Trebes

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Today, James Mickle and I got an exclusive tour behind the scenes of the Livermore Digital Theater. The system they have running is *very* impressive. The process for Digital movies is pretty interesting. The movie can be shipped in on a hard drive, or, they download the movie off a secure server into their internal server. (2 hours average time) The movie then goes into a mini timeline application, where they add the DLP Logo, the Christie Logo, and the current order of Trailers. This is infinitely customizable, and infinitely cool. After the order of things are in place, they can add markers in the timeline for when the lights should fade down and up. (Currently after the trailers finish and when the movie credits roll). After that, the movie is transferred via USB2 drive to one of the Projector stations, ready to be played. (They want firewire 800 drives… hopefully soon). Each DLP Projector System has 3 hard drive sets. In case a drive crashes, the movie will continue playing. The show must go on!

-Operating System: Linux
-Average Movie Data Size: 200-300GB
-Codec: MJPEG (Motion JPEG)
-Resolution: 1998 X 1080 or 2048 X 858 (depends on the movie)
-Color Count: 35 Trillion
-Sound: 6.1 Surround
-Occasional 35mm screenings
-Plus the coolest ethernet network you’ll ever see.

More Pics:

Control Panel on the projector.

Lynsey next to the mammoth projector lens.

Lynsey, Ted, and the Megaprojector.


View more pics at eLivermore

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  1. coooooooooooooooool! that is so awesome Nathan! what a cool thing to get a back stage pass to the theater. you’re right… that projector is a beast! I’m really surprized they let you take pictures, but it’s still awesome. L33T!

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