Birthday Party!

Nathan Trebes

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Today is Natalie’s Birthday! I had my 21st birthday party yesterday!!! It was *REALLY* crazy, even more crazy than last years 20th. This year EVERYONE came over to our house, we enjoyed flying OFF of the trampoline, singing, and… bench climbing? Hah. Be sure to check out ALL the images and movies shot last night by clicking HERE. Also, we watched a movie on the wall, along with The VBS Intro Movie. The McGrogans installed a new video card on my G3 tower with Jered, and my room got.. “redecorated”!. On another note, if you did not come to the party, Mikey would like to illustrate what happens when you avoid going to Nathan’s party.

Here is what happens when you don’t go to Nathan’s party. You get killed! Mikey Illustrates:
(13:49:23) Mikey:Nathan
(13:49:24) Mikey:this is what happens
(13:49:25) Mikey:when i dont go to your birthday party
(13:49:26) Mikey:

[Mirrored Here]

(13:49:33) Mikey:i end up getting bit by a crazy guy
(13:49:53)imakemoviespoofs:looks painful
(13:49:58) Mikey:yeah
(13:50:01) Mikey:hes in a mental hospital now
(13:50:06) Mikey:but thats what happened last night
(13:50:12)imakemoviespoofs:the Images from my party will be online soon
(13:50:18)imakemoviespoofs:im doing the video part right now
(13:50:25)imakemoviespoofs:people were flying OFF the trampoline
(13:50:29) Mikey:post that
(13:50:29)imakemoviespoofs:it was hillarious
(13:50:32) Mikey:as one of the things that happens
(13:50:36)Mikey:when you dont come to your partys

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