Author(s) or Studio(s) Metahelion Digital
Length in Minutes 82:55
Published Online 2011-5-17 17:35:02

Faculty Director: Victoria Frye
Student Directors:
Ryan Cairel, Adrianne Cherry,
Leslie Paiz

Technical Director:
Mike Rinaldi

Shot By:
Nathan Trebes
Matthew Trevett

Edited By: Nathan Trebes

Stage Manager: Dorothy Mickle


Little Red Riding Hood
Student Director: Ryan Cairel
Red Riding Hood: Ericka Pieracci
The Wolf: Jerry Chan
Grandmother: Britni Coggin
Lumberjack: Alyssa Boisse

Snow White
Student Director: Adrianne Cherry
Snow White: Jen Kajioka
Queen: Leslie Paiz
Huntsman/Prince: Jesse Solorio
Dwarfs: Adrianne Cherry, Britni Coggin, Claire Fisher, Michelle Frye, Tiana Hughey, Ashlyn McPhillips, and Nicole Morano
Animals: Alyssa Boisse, Kim Carmichael, Abi Johal, and Courtney Joseph

Director: Victoria Frye
Cinderella: Kim Carmichael
Step-mother: Carla Andrade
Step-sisters: Nicole Morano and Brittany Schuetz
Godmother: Kiona Webb
Prince: Brian Serpa

Hansel and Gretel
Student Director: Leslie Paiz
Hansel: Ryan Cairel
Gretel: Kayla Yabes
Witch: Abi Johal
Father: Jesse Solorio
Mother: Kiona Webb