(11:51) Karina: oh, man, I think I’m going to wet my pants laughing
(11:52) Nathan: ?
(11:52) Nathan: livermoronfilms isnt THAT funny
(11:53) Karina: no…

Karina let me know of a conversation she had with a complete moron and stranger on AIM. The following entry from her xanga is quite funny :-p Enjoy!

Sunday, November 14, 2004

So much for only updating to complain. This is funny…some moron IMed me…

moron: wut up rach?
SphinxsConundrum: hmm?
SphinxsConundrum: I’m Karina…
moron: wtf
Sphinxsconundrum: I have no idea
moron: dont lie 2 me
moron: ur rach
moron: u told me
SphinxsConundrum: riiiiiight…
SphinxsConundrum: who is this?
moron: wtf
moron: im tina
moron: from skool
moron: ur wack
moron: dont lie
SphinxsConundrum: sorry, I don’t know you
SphinxsConundrum: I’m dead serious…
SphinxsConundrum: I’m Karina…
moron: r u her sis?
SphinxsConundrum: no, my sister’s name is Kristie
moron: or 1 of her stoopid friends?
SphinxsConundrum: what Rachel are you looking for?
SphinxsConundrum: Actually, I have an IQ of 160, and I can spell “stupid”.
moron: get off the comp
moron: i wanna talk 2 rach
moron: if ur one of her sisters friends
SphinxsConundrum: *sigh*
moron: ill call ur parents
SphinxsConundrum: for the last time…
moron: dont lie
moron: get rach
SphinxsConundrum: My name is Karina Lynne Summers
SphinxsConundrum: I am a senior at Livermore High School.
moron: uuuhh
SphinxsConundrum: My name has never been Rachel, and it never will be.
moron: did u just pull that shit out of ur ass?
SphinxsConundrum: will you please stop harassing me?
SphinxsConundrum: do you want my freaking webpage?
moron: or r u sum1 else?
moron: r u that bitch tasha?
SphinxsConundrum: FOR CRYING OUT LOUD
moron: stop hangin round rachel!
moron: i told u hella days ago!
SphinxsConundrum: wait…
SphinxsConundrum: are you, by any chance, cyborg oprah?*FOOTNOTE
moron: wtf
moron: dont play games
SphinxsConundrum: hey, you think I’m playing tricks on you?
moron: just stop
SphinxsConundrum: I’m not.
moron: u told me this is ur sn!
SphinxsConundrum: I think you’re playing tricks on me.
moron: u wrote it down on a note
SphinxsConundrum: that was definitely not me…
moron: fine.
SphinxsConundrum: what Rachel are you looking for? is it a Livermore person?
moron: ill call rachels house
moron: u sound like one of her sisters gay ass friends
moron: and then well see who gets the last laff
SphinxsConundrum: I could HELP you if you’d tell me who the hell you’re looking for
moron: er
SphinxsConundrum: I’m getting harassed by two other people at the moment, however
moron: oops
SphinxsConundrum: so I’d appreciate it if YOU wouldn’t add to the mix.
moron: ur really not rach
moron: r u?
SphinxsConundrum: EXACTLY.
SphinxsConundrum: Thank you.
moron: her sn is sphinxscondom
SphinxsConundrum: oh dear–
moron: sorry
moron: bi
SphinxsConundrum: you’re one of THEM…
SphinxsConundrum: the ones who read my sn wrong and called me Trojan…
moron: wut?
moron: i sed bi
SphinxsConundrum: “bi” is a prefix meaning “two”. And I said, you harassed me, I reciprocate.
Previous message was not received by moron because of error: User moron is not available.

*FOOTNOTE: cyborg oprah=stupid people who like to play tricks on us. And hit on us. And stuff.

Well, there you have it. Some people have no manners. Others don’t understand when you’ve explained a million times. And there I thought the story had ended.

I thought wrong.

You see, I began to be curious as to whether this “Sphinxscondom” person actually existed. I sent this saved IM to Kyle, and he suggested I try to sign up for it to see if it was taken. So I did. It was taken. Because Kyle beat me to it, but he handed the screenname right over.

So I was having fun just…sitting around and talking to only Kyle and Matty, when suddenly…

…you guessed it. The Return of the Moron.

She IMed me, but unfortunately, I didn’t save it. It was something along the lines of:

moron: rach!

moron: o god

moron: i was screaming at this person i thawt was u, and shit

(No, I did NOT make up that spelling of “thought”)

moron: man

moron: rach?

moron: u there?

By this point, I had to sign off before I cracked a rib laughing.

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